On egregious censorship favoring crimes to rise AND on Dmitry Raevsky — a false guru.

*Due to English is not our native tongue, please be indulgent to any language inconsistencies, if you notice.

Dear readers,

We want to share with you an example of insidious form of censorship that is used to silence the truth by calling it an alleged “hate speech”. To illustrate — how unfounded and discriminating accusations on implacable and clear-cut facts suffocate men of honor and integrity, but encourage lies, immorality and evil to flourish. Our state is deemed to be democratic, but in reality, free and objective speech is censored here much worse than in Iran or China.

We are a group of victims and real eyewitness on incomprehensible crimes of a false guru Dmitry Raevsky — a leader of destructive cult. After being escaped from this monster, we are dedicating all our efforts to prevent him luring innocent people, by spreading denouncing and warning material over the Internet in order to increase public awareness about this disguised wolf.

At the bottom of this preface, we post our answer in address to the various site administrators, in order to demonstrate how reputable website platforms support silencing and censorship, succumbing to bogus allegations on so called “loss of dignity”. As a result, this egregious support cultivates totalitarism to arise and the heyday of darkness to come.
Our crucial articles (depicting the misdeeds of false guru Dmitry Raevsky) are withdrawn by the site administrators, right upon receipt of these presumed accusations. For the sake of justice, it has to be mentioned, that the same fate overtakes lots of other incidents, where the keen and vital information strains at the leash to rescue the people.

To read the content of the articles that we allude to in our message below, you may here:
1. https://anti-raevskyalexandrov.xyz/dmitry-raevsky-an-extremely-dangerous-false-guru-destructive-cult/
((DELETED COPY ON MEDIUM: https://web.archive.org/medium.com/@dmitry_raevsky_falseguru/dmitry-raevsky-an-extremely-dangerous-false-teacher-destructive-cult))
2. https://anti-raevskyalexandrov.xyz/ispoved_byvshej_uchenicy_raevskogo/
((DELETED COPY ON MEDIUM: https://web.archive.org/medium.com/@raevskyschool/ispoved-uchenicy))

What really bothers us is a fundamental, existential problem (much more important than removal of these articles only). Why а report of lies has more credibility, rather than a report of truth? Who empowered site moderators to take on the role of censors and to decide people’s fate without due process or even transparency by drafting murky moderation policy relying on calumnious reports? And on the other hand, to take on the role of a blind bystander, especially when someone wants to avoid scrutiny or public (just) condemn, allowing him to nimbly abuse the law of silencing dissent, and to disgrace the truth-tellers by calling them “hate-speakers”.
Who gave them the right to accuse innocent victims, and at the same time to pardon powerful and vicious men?
This decaying society (ruled by censors) is not the one that we all aspire to live in.

Remember, truth is society’s best weapon to run afoul of corruption, injustice and inequality. And the media along with independent web-platforms are the strongest tools in showing the world the devastating effects of discrimination, corruption, crimes or violations and shining a light on those who would use their entrusted power for personal gain.
Journalists or more precisely investigative journalists — are the guardians of truth and morality in our society. In order to serve the people courageous investigative journalists are often the only force to accuse these malicious elements or at least offering authentic reflection on injustice reality.

We are, analogically to journalists — voluntarily engaged to deliver the truth on cunning and vicious case of Dmitry Raevsky. To deliver veritable and denouncing information to people in order to prevent them falling preys into his destructive cult.

In light of this ‘double-standard’ situation, we just want to raise inevitable questions:
— How site policy (according to which, the articles are withdrawn) may contradict the core values of free speech and justice?

-May we call ourselves a democratic state, where preference is given to censorship rather than to the truth? Perhaps the hard-hitting and tough, BUT THE TRUTH!
But when we or other men, try to be vocal about the truth, we are being harassed, or assaulted by the opponents who unfoundedly and astutely cry “hate speech” and ‘’slander’’.

-Is not it obvious that a site’s policy must be coherent with the first amendment proposed in the US constitution by the founding fathers to protect а Free Word? A word of Truth!
A website policy that prevents freedom of speech and impedes people to know the TRUTH or to have a veritable information, ultimately violates the very concept of free society and free world.

-We want to ask why a villain or a leader has a right to manipulate over people’s mind, to lure them, to deceive in all kinds and ways (as in our case Mr. Dmitry Raevsky does) but irrefutable and objective verity is disregarded or banned without an appeal? Why the voice of truth reflecting realistic facts the way they are (though quite unpleasant) that may rescue potential preys and to protect from tragedies is suffocated and repressed into a silence?
«Peace if possible, but truth at any rate», said Martin Luther. So why should we let someone take it?

Since Dmitry Raevsky promotes himself as a healer, life coach and a spiritual mentor, he is obliged to provide an absolute transparency on his real motives, activities and goals. (This premise relates to any public figure, who seeks credibility, and whose activity is based on people’s trust in his good intentions). But due to the lack of any transparency in Raevsky case, the burden of the search on his implicit and real intentions is imposed upon our shoulders. Transparency is a preliminary condition before to entrust our life (in any particular aspect) into one’s hands.

According to John Stuart Mill in his On Liberty: “the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others”. However, when our attempt of ‘preventing harm to others’ is exercised, it is somehow considered as a ‘’violation’’ of the dignity and reputation or a ‘’hate speech’’ etc., while the real predator (who is allegedly victimized) still jeopardizes our state and its people.

Then decades later, we wonder, how come such a creep (as, Keith Raniere, for instance) was not convicted earlier? Who is in charge that this scum had a power to torture people’s hearts and fortunes for so long? And why didn’t anyone warn us? (Can we only imagine how much pain could have stopped or prevented if one like Raniere would have held accountable 5–10 years before?)

Dear site administration, please remember that when we censor, or when we exalt our comfort, status-quo and presumed infallibility at the expense of Truth, our state easily turns into open or thinly disguised totalitarianism.
A democracy without core values — is a counterfeit!

In view of this, we demand to unblock these crucial articles and release the truth to light!
1. https://web.archive.org/web/20190530122556/https://medium.com/@dmitry_raevsky_falseguru/dmitry-raevsky-an-extremely-dangerous-false-teacher-destructive-cult-ef52fc95554
2. https://web.archive.org/web/20190422095630/https://medium.com/@raevskyschool/ispoved-uchenicy-d569d6b8ff31

This preface does not refer to our articles on false guru Dmitry Raevsky solely, but encompasses all similar cases, where truth is suppressed; where discrimination of human rights reigns both in real or virtual space.

Here is our inquiry to the websites’ administrations:

Dear site support,

Probably you erroneously suspended my page due to someone’s complaint.

Let me explain the issue.
This article is about a very malicious False teacher, a leader of a destructive cult. This “fellow”- Dmitry Raevsky caused and still keep causing a lot of harm and pain to the innocent people by luring them into his cult by feigned rhetoric and promises. (Using a false name Dmitry Raevsky — his real one is Gleb Alexandrov).

One of his followers has sent you a request to remove my post allegedly being injurious to honor and dignity — but the truth is quite the opposite. Raevsky’s activity as a quasi-spiritual mentor is exceedingly vicious to the internet users. This man endangers a well-being of innocent and unaware people by his deceptive image as a spiritual growth coach. He pretends to be a kind and a caring man for others, but this is merely a fake and a whopping lie! No more than a fake public image, deliberately set up. The contrast between pseudo benevolent guise he created AND the real evil essence of this counterfeiter that lurks beneath is truly overwhelming.

In order you could evaluate the matter properly, please get familiarized with his “track record”, compounded as a list of а few injured victims’ stories. This list will give you, at least a glimpse of what pain he causes and the extent of incomprehensible tragedies Raevsky seeds. The number of victims is considerably higher than the stories presented here. I know all victims personally, but they keep silence due to severe psychological injures or due to being intimidated by the Raevsky threats.

I, in utter need to inform you that Mr. Alexandrov was already officially exposed and convicted by law enforcement authorities of the Russian Federation as a counterfeiter, con and a cultist (for example, a case of G. Grevtsova VS Alexandrov). Besides, Mr. Alexandrov, has been exposed also under his new self-proclaimed pseudonym as Dmitry Raevsky, on dozens of various Internet sites as a charlatan, cult leader and a scammer. A vast compromising dossier was compiled on him. It contains a shocking and revealing information on his crimes, which was distributed over the Internet. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fdmitriyraevsky.wordpress.com%2F2018%2F09%2F24%2Fmenu-statey%2F&sandbox=1

It has to be noted that he also conceals his entire huge income from the tax authority by financial fraud and plotting tax evasion schemes.

One of extremely important points to highlight, that such terms as “dignity” and “honor” are applied to an honest, decent, and a proper man. Whereas, it’s absolutely inappropriate and totally inapplicable to apply the term “DIGNITY” to someone who exploits people’s trust and faith as Mr. Raevsky does, with a sole implicit intent, to take advantage of it. Please bear in mind, that an offender who was already convicted with charges of violations and infringements of the legal rights of the citizens, but nevertheless persists in his wrongdoings must be, at least, broadly exposed to the audience! This is hypocrisy at its finest and manipulation in all kinds — to name this act of the truth exposure as an alleged ‘damage to human dignity’!

This is the basic fundamental law of democracy — the people’s right to know! An informed audience is his biggest fear (and of the other mockers too). The right to expose is crucial to the health of a democracy, it is a citizenry’s right to be informed, a right that is becoming increasingly endangered in the current censored climate.
To conceal the denouncing material on Raevsky from the public, on being a false guru and a con — is an infringement of the democracy doctrine in its core! Identically, as a leader of NXIVM organization Keith Raniere was recently convicted and life sentenced as a result of courageous efforts of the New York Times journalists to uncover the information on him. Dmitry Raevsky — the subjugator, in his turn, is ought to face up the same scenario as his aforementioned colleague.

A full-scale journalistic investigation on NXIVM cult and its leader brought up to light a real felon. In the aftermath of this journalistic breakthrough, the disclosed facts and evidences brought him to justice and held him accountable of terrible and ominous activities. Similarly, my article is aimed to be an appeal of emergency, to bring out the truth on false guru Dmitry Raevsky to the surface.

The outstanding success in Raniere’s case (found guilty in all charges) was gained by respecting the Freedom of speech code by the entire establishment. Otherwise, real criminals and dictators would elude justice on grounds of this quasi argument of ‘injurious of dignity’ (which actually becomes a vile manipulation and censorship by way of to legitimize their reigns). Freedom of the press, aka freedom of the speech is our last resort to be protected from these malicious elements. Do remember this!

This distorted report on article’s content you’ve received compromises the very foundation of our democracy. This complaint sent by one of Raevsky bigots is merely an attempt to conceal the real crime evidences of one of the most destructive cult leaders of Russia in order to enable him to continue mass recruitment into his totalist cult. It seems to be the same as if one of Ben Laden’s devotees would send a ridiculous request to withdraw the crucial articles containing a disclosing information on outrageous attacks performed on 9/11. The information on Mr. Raevsky in my article is vital and critical to others!

Please don’t impede the pure hearts from knowing of this essential material that might rescue their lives. Don’t get on his artistical hook and disregard this calumnious report you’ve received!

Our article reflects the truth about him and his cult in the way it really is (we are a large group of Raevsky’s victims and ex-members. Being one of them I took responsibility to represent a group.)

This exposing narrative informs the audience what expects them or their beloved ones, once they are entrapped and lured by Raevsky’s deceptions.
And this revealing truth (as: indoctrination, mind control, undue influence, isolation from previous milieu, money extortion, separation of love relationships etc.) — is what Raevsky and his soldiers are afraid the most!

Let us name some of Dmitry Raevsky misdeeds: he destroys marriages and separates children from their parents; ruins successful and decades-long careers; leads to commit suicide attempts, and not to speak of a complete mental insanity among many of his former members. He also extorts real estate properties and large amounts of money (around half of his members became homeless, by virtue of selling their property in his favor).
Moreover, he is engaged with illegal healing (WITHOUT having any medical education or licenses to do so. He “cures” serious oncological tumors, injuring people up to fatal cases). Raevsky causes direct harm to the health and lives of the people who was caught on hook of his PR and advertisements. His activity is definitely anti-humane.

Please be aware that the most prominent and renowned anti-cult combatants of the U.S. have already expressed their opinion on him. Such experts as:
Dr. Alexandra Stein,
Mr. Steven Hassan (M.Ed.)
Dr. Cathleen Mann and
Mr. Patrick Ryan.
Following our communication and analysis of the data, they marked our article on their social media pages.
For example here are few selected links:
https://www.facebook.com/cultexpert/posts/2342731525749058 https://twitter.com/CultNEWS101/status/1135143445868220416 https://www.facebook.com/cultnews101/posts/2042096982558614

You do may rely upon the opinions of these reputable, proclaimed and long experienced anti-cult fighters.

Kindly be informed that, Dr. Y. Volkov, PhD in Philosophy and Associate Professor of Social Sciences, crafted an expert opinion on Dmitry Raevsky (G. Alexandrov) activity and his undue influence. Dr. Volkov’s report was compiled far back in 2011 year, 8 years ago, when there were relatively not so many preys fall into his hands.
See here:
Translated into English —

There is plenty exposing material on this psyche wrecker and a false guru Raevsky in Russian. —
Please check and see (we put original site and then with translation through translate.google.com)
translated  —

Biography of this fraudster:
translated —

Confession of one of Raevsky’s victims:
translated —

An article on English in one of the leading newspapers about this scumbag:

People who DIED because of Raevsky-Alexandrov:
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Few examples of his BLATANT lies:
translated —

How he sexually exploits women and how Raevsky lied about his real name during many years until was caught:
1. https://anti-raevskyalexandrov.xyz/raevskiy-polovoe-izvrashhenie-i-appokalipsisy/
translated —
2. https://anti-raevskyalexandrov.xyz/pravda_o_smene_imeni_raevskim/
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Structured menu of all the main articles that TOTALLY denounce Raevsky:
translated —

A long list of different resources from all over the internet about the ‘dark side’ of this hypocrite:

and a lot a lot more…
In view of the foregoing, I do beg you to consider my inquiry — to unsuspend this blog!

Please DON’T PREVENT people to know the truth about who this “fellow” is. And what malicious consequences they will reap once being entrapped.

Most sincerely,
Ex-followers and miraculously survivors