Dmitry Raevsky – An Extremely Dangerous FALSE Guru [Destructive CULT]

“Beware of false prophets,
who come to you in sheep’s clothing
but inwardly are ravenous wolves”  

“And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil!”

Hello, dear readers and friends!
We are a group of Russian speakers, so first of all, we apologize for our quite broken English.

Let us introduce you to one of the most noxious Russian FALSE teachers, a leader of an extremely dangerous destructive cult who calls himself Dmitry Raevsky (His real name, according to the ID, is Gleb Alexandrov).
* (use google translate service)
* (use google translate service)

We are a team of his former apprentices { — translate it with google_translate service}, who left the cult after having discerned him as an exceedingly malicious element. Being close to him during many years (altogether 2006-2018), we are actually real witnesses of his countless crimes and viciousness both in and outside the sect. We publish this alert with hope to save English-speaking people from being deceived by this Russian false spiritual teacher or by his followers, who for the past 13 years, has scoured for victims among dreamers and the truth seekers. Currently, since 2018, Dmitry Raevsky’s activity has lunged to Europe and the U.S. to recruit fresh flocks, with an implicit intent to enslave people’s hearts and money. His insatiable appetites and lust for power didn’t get him enough within Russia only. (His recent Euro-American launch gains success rapidly).

He was already UNVEILED and totally EXPOSED among Russian audience by our recently emerged shocking materials on his deceptions, perversions and all kinds of evidences of his crimes { translate it with google}. We possess unique and 100% reliable information and evidences of his outrages against miserable and innocent people who were allured by his feigned rhetoric and promises (including ourselves). The material splashed out onto the pages of our investigation is unprecedented.

Dear friends, beware of this disguised wolf looking as a harmless sheep, as there is no revealing information about him in English, apart from the given article you read now. * Raevsky’s cult already totals more than 6,000 followers. The principal recruitment activity is held through online social networking websites (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and others). So please stay alert while your network communication!

Many participants of Russian esoteric forums remember him even under the old nickname Narayama and as Gleb Alexandrov (1999-2015). During those years, he was exposed in all fields of life (both spiritual and physical) as a complete deceiver and counterfeiter! Then, he was torn to tatters, but now, since 2015, this swindler came back under a different guise, altering even his real name (!!). In fact, Raevsky’s entire biography and skills, not only his name — is a total fake, which was fabricated for the sake of his self-exaltation over the others, and also in order to cut off from his previous exposed identity (as Gleb Alexandrov) and the truth revealed about him.

According to our objective observations (being personally acquainted with many victims of his deeds and also by getting caught-up in his trap by ourselves for many years), the particular perniciousness of this false teacher lies in that, that he destroys, NOT only Earthly lives by fraudulently extorting large amounts of money, draining all energy out or isolating those who trusted him from their previous environment, BUT it also lies in the fact, that he destroys psyches and eternal souls of men by indoctrinating, alluring and by using a real witchcraft. The consequences of these malevolent influences are extremely long-playing and deeply tragic, both for the victims themselves, and for their beloved and closed ones.

Let’s get into some examples of Raevsky’s specific deeds. The false guru Dmitry Raevsky, this self-proclaimed mentor “by the name of God”:

Extorts Money. He extorts hundreds of thousands of dollars from his followers; and blackmails to transfer all life savings to him.
Manipulates to sell property. He manipulates his pupils to sell their property and real estates in order to transfer him the entire proceeds;
Causes health loss and mental insanity. The suggestive and clearly vampiric influence of this false guru (paired with an extremely negative psychological manipulation and NLP) leads people to physical and mental health loss.
Destroys marriages and soulmate unions by setting lovers against each other.
He casts an evil spell to separate love relationships, especially on those couples, where a true and deep love unites the hearts, or on those where one of the partners is outside the cult. (This is one of the most favorite misdeeds of Raevsky)
Exercises mind control. Raevsky exploits his members’ vulnerability and trust in order to gain complete control over them, often employing immoral psychological and spiritual techniques to bring about thought reform and completely erase the memeber’s former ‘’self’’.
Supervises a physical life. Raevsky and his sect broadcast endless trainings and mandatory on-line courses. As a result, members literally spend 24 hours a day in the cult environment what enables its leader to control and supervise the cultists entirely.
Induces dependency. Raevsky induces a real dread in his members to leave the sect and to become an apostate. If one leaves the cult, then he deems he will face eternal damnation. Besides, Mr. Raevsky-Alexandrov (and his closest soldiers) applies the most brutal measures in order to break such person (in every sense of the word).

AND MOREOVER, Dmitry Raevsky [Gleb Alexandrov]:

Leads to commit suicide attempts. There were even suicides and suicide attempts by his ex-pupils, not to speak of a complete mental insanity among many of his former members.
Separates parents from their children (especially when a parent leaves the sect);
Engenders sharp, unsurpassable distinction between “us” — inside the cult (good, chosen by God) and “them” — outside the cult (bad, going to Hell)
Instills to the members, that he is allegedly a “Great Teacher” of the sacred Shambhala. A single and unique person in the world who has a monopoly connection with God. He claims to be the only focus of the Divine power on Earth.
Sexual assaults:
And on top of this, this «newly Jesuit saint” (who is married by himself) allures many female pupils to become his sexual slaves. Most of them are even married. { it with google_translate service}.  In order to achieve this, he undertakes the following method that perfectly works paired with crushing the victim’s will and inducing by suggestion (!): He slanders a partner of his female pupil, telling inconceivable lies about her husband (by plotting a scheme), and then scamming her that another man is destined for her (doing this on behalf of God); AND he himself is the one!

One of his former followers has individually drafted a very sincere and heartbreaking confession on her personal experience of being one of the member of this cult. (Her narrative full of excruciating pain vividly depicts a horror of the above-captioned “method”). We utterly encourage you to get familiarized with her story and to evaluate by yourself, the depth of destruction and pain that Raevsky (Gleb Alexandrov) seeds:

It has to be emphasized, that besides destroying people’s lives… and beyond profanation of all spiritual teachings of the world (by perverting their fundamental core ideas) such as: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Agni-Yoga and Theosophy… Mr. Dmitry Raevsky also speculates on illegal and suspicious healing with negative and long-playing consequences of these dreadful interferences. It’s not only that his “healing methods” don’t cure ailments, but they LITERALLY KILL the unfortunate patients who have entrusted their lives into his damned hands! Let us name only a few selected examples among hundreds of others to give you an idea where his “healing” claims really lead to. The sudden death of his own mother is the best example of his “quack healing therapy”. Father of one of his pupils has died shortly after undergoing this quack’s “healing sessions”, similarly as relatives of the other pupils were severely injured up to fatal cases due to Raevsky’s “treatments”. More than that, several of his ex-pupils were diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer, as a result of being subjected to malevolent and contagious impact inflicted them by Raevsky and his ‘’mystical’’ methods.

Upon analyzing these and other tragic accidents, it’s evident that Raevsky possesses absolutely real occult and obscure powers. Actually, this is one of his main weapons that serves him to implement his ruinous ambitions into life.
His uncanny impact over people is dreadful! By using members’ altered consciousness, he completely suppresses people’s will and critical thinking to indoctrinate his destructive ideas… Not to mention regarding his ability to immerse members into a deep hypnosis through so-called ‘circle meditation’ to enhance his contagious and occult impact.
Actually, it is almost impossible to defend yourself against his pervading suggestion, especially if one meets him and/or trusts him beforehand. In fact, all his methods are a destructive self-made mixture combined with NLP practices and even real witchery (!).

We wish to reiterate and to underline again, that the claims stated in this article and of course, in our full-scaled investigation analysis that we refer to, were narrated as a ‘view from within the sect’ by us — the real eyewitnesses of Raevsky’s crimes.

These undeniable assertions on Raevsky evil displayed on the pages of the disclosure are our authentic attestations — the former cult members and Raevsky’s real victims, and NOT by any external analyst. Actually, we are sharing our own experience of being close to this false guru during the last 12 years. (As we already mentioned above there are victims’ accounts that perfectly illustrate and assert the described here. See some of the stories here:

After this brief, but important digression, let’s return to Mr. Raevsky’s methods of psychological and mental suppression. Don’t forget, that indoctrination or mind control, is a long and persisting process that never really ends in the sect. Members are continually subjected to any sort of brainwashing techniques — it’s part of their daily life. However, in Raevsky’s cult, brainwashing should be read as «soul and heart washing», as he goes far beyond than any other typical cult leader, contagiously affecting and/or destructing the deepest principles of human being — the eternal soul (as it is denoted in all religions). That is why Jesus said: «Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both the soul and body in hell». The extent of irreversible degradation of the soul = the highest essence of man caused by Raevsky is monstrous! His malicious ability to wreck or even annihilate one’s soul — sets him apart from almost any other contemporary cult leaders, making him one of the most vicious false guru in the whole world!

Despite all this, internet communities and social networks are riddled with all sorts of promoted (false and/or prepaid) articles about Raevsky’s glorious life and his “eminent” projects with endless variety of (pseudo) personal development seminars and trainings. Likewise with delusive reviews by Raevsky himself and by his blinded bigots. {for example see here:}. You may find a lot of this blarney, but sweet propaganda using search queries as “Raevsky School” or “Raevsky and Shambhala”, “Raevsky and healing”, especially in Russian.
However, the truthful information about who he really is and dozens of other evidences accounted by his victims on his activities during the last 13 years (2006–2019), could be found by using such search queries as (in Russian → translating it into English afterwards):

“Дмитрий Раевский, Глеб Александров” (Dmitry Raevsky, Gleb Alexandrov), or
“Дмитрий Раевский, секта” (Dmitry Raevsky, sect) or
“Дмитрий Раевский, разоблачение” (Dmitry Raevsky, exposed).

Unfortunately, all the truthful materials and in particular our denouncing research {} exist solely in Russian. That is why we decided to create this short warning in English too. And after having read this article, we encourage you to translate our whole investigation into English through the google translate service. Of course, the automated translations would not be flawless, but still the results will definitely display and explain you the core disclosing evidences.
And how to translate a whole website:

1. As a first step, we suggest you to read Raevsky’s true biography and atrocities here (translate it with google translate service):

Then proceed to here (translate it with google translate service):

Then read Victim’s feedback and testimonials:

And finally go to the main menu on our website. There you will find the full list of exposing materials:

In closing, we reiterate and remind you again, that the loss of your property, life savings, beloved ones, and the total crush of all (external) life is only a small piece of what you will lose trusting Dmitry Raevsky. The total breakdown of your backbone, sense of self and psychic health is the price that you will pay becoming his “pupil”! Sooner or a bit later…

Our whole full-scale exposing analysis of the activities of Dmitry Raevsky and his sect (during the last 13 years) may be found at the following link:

We cordially ask everyone to participate in saving people from being deceived by Raevsky:

Please, do share this vital information with your friends and loved ones…


Now, follow the link below in order to read the best review ever on false guru and pseudo healer Dmitriy Raevskiy. And his destructive cult:

A quote from this feedback/review:
This is my confession, my sincere story about my horrible experience of studying and living for several years in one of the most destructive cults of Russia called “Dmitry Raevsky School”. In recent years, the false teacher (false guru) Dmitry Raevsky (whose real name is Gleb Alexandrov) is recruiting new members not only in Russia, but in the USA and Germany too. So be aware! This is why I strongly encourage you to translate this article into English, despite the fact that the translation won’t be “pure”.


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    каратель аватар

    September 3 2019, 12:47:11 UTC

    [Просьба о помощи!!]
    Пишу по просьбе команды разоблачителей Раевского (,
    Как вы знаете, наш иезуит, лжегуру и мошенник Г.Александров (aka Раевский), направил свою лживую пропаганду и грязные лапы в сторону Запада тоже. На ничего не подозревающих жителей Европы и США.
    Потому что, во первых, в русском сегменте СЛИШКОМ МНОГО РАЗОБЛАЧЕНИЙ против него, чего на английском языке нет.. А во вторых, потому что на Западе реальные бабки водятся. А значит, там можно поймать людей, которые, мало того что поверят ему (ибо русский не знают -> материалы наши НЕ читают!), но и обладают финансовой возможностью утолить Глебушкин неуёмный аппетит на многие десятки (нацелен он и на сотни!) тысяч евро, в отличии от большинства их русских ‘коллег по несчастью’.ОДНАКО… не всё для Раевского оказалось так просто!.
    На западе, особенно в США, оказывается есть очень мощные организации и борцы с деструктивными сектами и психокультами. И если у нас, вся эта НЕчисть из серии лжеучителей Раевских, появилась лишь после развала Союза (т.е. 30 лет назад), то там эта нечисть пирует все последние 100 лет, как минимум, создавая невообразимый вред на государственном уровне (!). Как следствие, у Американского общества аккумулировался огромный опыт и выработался целый арсенал противо-ядий против сект, в лице мудрых лидеров и целых институтов, которые занимаются РАЗОБЛАЧЕНИЕМ лжеучителей И реабилитацией бывших членов их сект.

    НО☹…. есть и одно большое НО☹.
    Глеб_Александров_Раевский для Запада — иностранец. Русский. А не ихний. Для них — он совершенно неопознанный зверь, так сказать. И если у нас, на этого душегуба есть УЖЕ тонны разоблачений в интернете (где люди и черпают информацию!), то для Запада — он начинает (якобы) с чистого листа. Точно так же как у нас, в 2015-ом году, когда этот лжец сменил своё имя и начал «с самого начала», теперь на западе — он проделывает тот же ФОКУС. Благодаря этому «козырю», под названием <неизвестность>, наш подлый аферист Раевский может (пока массовые разоблачения не посыпались и там тоже) собрать очень и очень богатую жатву (и уже!)… жатву, в виде загубленных ЛЮДСКИХ жизней, судеб, душ, семей и, конечно же, также финансов.. опустошая людей, как он это прекрасно умеет, до самого дна (во всех смыслах).
    Поэтому его бывшие ученики-разоблачители, сели и написали очень мощную статью о нашем иезуите на Английском языке — для Западного сегмента читателей. Вот она:
    «Dmitry Raevsky — An Extremely Dangerous FALSE Guru
    [Destructive CULT]»

    Ведь на западе, этот садист сделает абсолютно то же самое, что он делает у нас с 2007-ого года, совращая людей, отрывая их от родных, подрывая их здоровье и финансы, перемалывая их жизни, а затем (в лучшем случае) выкидывая этих людей, напрочь переломанных, к чёрту, как ненужный хлам.
    Неужели же останемся равнодушными к такому призыву, вернее к возможности пред-остеречь (= спасти!) ничего не подозревающих англоязычных людей?? Наших (потенциальных) братьев по несчастью?

    После написания этой статьи (, разоблачители напрямую связались с несколькими ведущими яростными борцами с сектами в США…те изучили их материалы и свидетельства (а некоторые даже сильно углубились!), мгновенно ПОНЯЛИ что за зверь (Г.А.) пред ними .. ==>> и пошло поехало. Каскад разоблачений запустился и на английском языке на их ресурсах. Вот, почитайте моё расследование этого каскада:

    <<ЛЖЕдмитрий Раевский — Нашего мошенника заметили ведущие сектоведы запада>>

    Но этого, друзья мои, мало☹.. мало и далеко далеко недостаточно‼️‼️. Ибо у Г.А., как и на русском языке, крутится целый ОКЕАН красивой пропагандистской брехни на английском, а у нас, пока что, одна единственная статья (raevsky_cult).. да и та, не в первых строчках англоязычных поисковиков. Видя вакханалию, которую Александров начал устраивать с доверчивыми западными людьми, команда разоблачителей Раевского СЕРДЕЧНО ПРОСИТ ВСЕХ НЕБЕЗРАЗЛИЧНЫХ ЛЮДЕЙ — ПОПЫТАТЬСЯ ВСЕМИ ПУТЯМИ РАСПРОСТРАНИТЬ ЭТУ ИХ СТАТЬЮ В ИНТЕРНЕТЕ.

    Друзья, давайте поможем ПРАВДЕ О РАЕВСКОМ воссиять также и на АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ.. тем самым спасая, пусть даже одну единственную человеческую жизнь или семью (а кто может измерить её бесконечную значимость для потенциальной жертвы??).И да поможет нам Бог.

    «Dmitry Raevsky — An Extremely Dangerous FALSE Guru [Destructive CULT]»

    АНГЛИЙСКАЯ СТАТЬЯ в файле на закачку:


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